New meeting of the INNOVAge Mentoring Program

EVOTRE was in charge of this mentoring session

Last October 17th took place a Mentoring Action in the framework of INNOVAge Project, led by SVIM (represented by Mr. Massimiliano Pinat) and Evotre Green Building Consulting (represented by Mrs. Carlotta Cocco). The mentoring action, hold via videoconference, focused on the topic “Eco-innovation and smart building applied to social housing” and was oriented to SIVI cluster members (Spain).   

EVOTRE is a member of Energy and environment Network (HABITECH Cluster), which is a network of 300 companies focus on exploiting sustainability to develop business opportunities and community improvements. EVOTRE presented an Italian project about an eco-efficient building with social aims, in collaboration with HABITECH and a building enterprise called Prometal. These innovative houses are provided with dry and ecological steal structures that let to minimize impact of construction, improving the safety of workers. Besides, these structures have an easy implementation; facilitate flexibility and adaptability for the creation of common spaces to live in community, interchangeable and creation of spaces (eg: possibility to change one single room to one double room), and it is possible modifies the building´s elevation too. The final goal of this mentoring action was to widen commercial horizons to the companies of the SIVI Cluster, since this is not yet a research field within the cluster.

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