Development and validation of a new service model to screen for and prevent frailty in elderly

PERSSILAA is a EU Project financed by FP7-ICT Program that currently is develops and validates a new service model to screen for and prevent frailty in community dwelling older adults that integrates nutrition, psysical and cognitive functions.

Tne main objective of this project is develops and validates remote services modules for screening, monitoring and training, in order to innovate the way the care services are organized. Currently management models are reactive, and the challenge is transform it in preventive personalized services offered through local community services, with the support of a proactive team formed by caregivers and health professionals and integrated into existing healthcare services. PERSSILAA will be in charge to supply a technical service infrastructure to support those multiplice servicers and participants (from patients to caregivers, family, etc)

The validation is carring out with 350 older adults in real environments to ensure effciency and easy user involvement and acceptance.

More information abour the project in its website.

Watch the project demo clicking here.  


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