Video shows how faces ageing through an active and healthy daily life

One of the most important EU challenges is the progressive ageing of their inhabitants. With this visual initiative, EIP on AHA partnership aims to use innovation technologies, such as Household Assistance or Telemedicine, and other ways to strengthen an active ageing: it promotes an age friendly urban planning, healthy eating, and physical exercise. 

CASA and INNOVAge projects Joint Final Conference

INNOVAge and CASA projects look at the complex issues that arise from demographic ageing and the many challenges that the future poses on European senior care. The projects aim at finding sustainable, innovative and practical solutions that enable longer independent living. With this aim, both projects have decided to join forces and organize a Joint Final Conference to present their results.

Most people with dementia want to stay at home but less than a half know how

This poll was commissioned by Alzheimer´s Society. It also finds out more main conclusions about people that suffer dementia: yet a third of the general public would not know where to find information about how to make their home suitable, less than a half thought they would be able to stay at home if they are diagnosed with dementia, and just only 33% of 19-24 years old thought they would be able to stay at home if diagnosed with dementia.


eHealth Forum presents their reports and main conclusions

Last May was celebrated, from 12th to 14th, the 2014 eHealth Forum in Athens, organized by the Greek Presidency together with the European Commission, with almost 13.000 visitors. This Forum is an important annual date to share experiences, good practices based on innovation and mutual support in the field of eHealth and Active and Healthy Ageing, to discuss the contribution of innovation and new technologies to improve healthy and independent living.

The presentations and several reports are available here: