The Region of Central Macedonia organizes on 29th April 2014 the conference is "Digital Innovation for Regional Growth"

On the occasion of the Greek Presidency, the European Commission (DG CNECT) in collaboration with the Smart Specialization (S3) Platform organize on 29/4/2013 an international conference that will be hosted by the Region of Central Macedonia. The title of the conference is "Digital Innovation for Regional Growth" and it will take place at the Science Centre and Technology Museum "NOESIS" in Thessaloniki Greece on 29th April 2014. Please find attached detailed information of the event and the letter of invitation.

The project "Healthy Ageing Supported by Internet and Community" (HASIC) started on 1st January 2014

The project encourages elderly people (65+) in Europe to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet, physical activity, moderate alcohol consumption and social engagement. HASIC supports elderly people by educating professionals and mentors, creating peer groups and online platform. Together with supporting older people on an individual level, HASIC aims to develop the quality and cost-effectiveness of services of older people by underlining peer-support, by promoting cooperation of regional service providers and by producing policy recommendations.

Launch of Call for expression of interest for Knowledge providers/Supliers linked to innovation vouchers

The call was launched by the end of February aimed to support willing entrepreneurs-young researchers and enterprises to catch the opportunities for innovation related to the development of products and/or services that help to gain more competitiveness on the market.

The European Parlament adopts eHealth Action Plan

Parliament noted that equal access to high-quality universal healthcare is recognised as a fundamental right, but that access to a healthcare system is in many cases restricted as a result of either financial or regional constraints. eHealth systems can play an important role in improving these health inequalities. More info on