Vieillir mieux et autrement, ça coûte mais c'est possible

Quand on prend de l'âge, qu'on est toujours actif mais avec un peu moins d'énergie physique, on n’a pas forcément envie d’entrer dans un home pour finir ses jours. A Charleroi, une résidence-services propose aux retraités des appartements luxueux accompagnés d'un panel de services à la personne. Read More in the following link.

Urging old people into smaller homes 'may backfire'

The International Longevity Centre report said more should be done to make retirement housing "aspirational." A lack of desirable retirement housing meant older people downsizing might end up chasing the same properties as first-time buyers, it added. But critics said different generations had different housing priorities. Read more on the following link.

Assistive Technologies That Help Elderly Seniors Stay at Home

Helping an aging parent remain independent and living in their own home has become a little easier in recent years, thanks to a host of new and improved assistive technology products. Here are some top-rated options you should know about. (read more in the following Link:

Video conferencing is made easier for seniors

Kelly Ilnicki is very close to her 89-year-old grandmother, who until recently lived alone in a home hundreds of miles away in Oceanside, near San Diego.

Three or four times a day, Ilnicki, a resident of Redwood City in Silicon Valley, talks to her grandmother via VideoCare, a video-conferencing system for seniors and their extended families and caregivers that was developed by a startup of the same name.

When the paramedics arrived, Ilnicki was able to explain via VideoCare what had happened, as well as discuss what medication her grandmother was on.

Join our INNOVAge webinar!

As knowledge partner in the INNOVAge project, TNO explored the implementation of telecare technology in three regions in the Netherlands. Aim of the research was to introduce a tool for the mapping of telecare technology transfer in an innovation system as a whole and assess its usability by mapping drivers and barriers as experienced in the transfer of a well-known telecare technology. The webinar will be hold on June 25th 2013, from 11.00-12.00 o’clock, with no costs.

Aging in Place: Senior Living and Universal Design

As baby boomers age—and watch their parents contend with the complexities of senior housing—the concept of aging in place becomes ever more appealing. In fact, according to an AARP survey, as many as 90 percent of older adults would like to remain in their own homes throughout their golden years. The concept of universal design arose to address preferences like these. Beyond that, it aims to promote multigenerational housing that’s as friendly to the needs of the grandkids as it is to the grandparents.