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Presentation of a new EU Project called ASSEHS- Activation of Stratification and Results of the interventions on frail patients of Healthcare Services

The aim of the ASSEHS European Project is to bring together professionals from Health services, Academia and Research centers with the objective to study current health risk stratification strategies and tools, and the challenge to spread their use and their application on frail elderly patients. To face it, ASSEHS advices that European Health Systems and services should move towards into proactive, anticipatory and integrated care. Risk Stratification tools can help to identify complex frail and high risk patients.

Video impression with short interviews of experts in the deployment of innovative independent living solutions

This workshop was organized by CASA project, the thematic network ENGAGED and the action group C2 Deployment of innovative independent living solutions of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA). Many experts shared their experiences and knowledge on innovation and research methodologies to evaluate impact. The workshop reflects the need to collect and share more evidence on impact across Europe. It aimed to create a joint European framework of methodologies in the area of independent living solutions.

€700 million to address European ageing population’s challenges

The main objective of the AAL JP2 is to meet European ageing population´s needs and supporting enterprises, in particular SMEs, to launch innovative digital products and services for ageing well to the European market. The previous program, the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme, showed an extremely efficient leverage of financial means, and allowed the deployment of several projects with a real potential market.

The Zero Project searchs for Innovative Practices and Policies

The Innovative Policies and Practices that want to joint this initiative, should submit their nomination visiting this link: http://zeroproject.org/home/downloads, reading the instructions and completing the nomination form, which is available in 8 different languages. Finally, they must send the completed nomination form to Ms Doris Neuwirth office@zeroproject.org, before deadline: July 4, 2014.

The annual work plan 2014 for the Health Programme has just been adopted

The European Commission approves the budget for this year (EUR 54 456 100), to support activities related to Adherence, Frailty, Integrated care and Multi-chronic conditions, Prevention of Chronic Diseases-Innovative Approaches, Early Diagnosis & Screening of Chronic Diseases and Reintegration of people with chronic diseases in the workplace. A budget is also foreseen for Joint Actions in the follow up on Alcove dementia and Healthy Eating habits & Physical Activity.

Results of the Wellness Readiness Survey 2014 carried out by the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA).

This survey found evidences of  a high level of readiness – and response – to ageing patients who are demanding more out of life than the medical model provides. More than 60% of respondents described their organizations as “very” or “completely” prepared to offer ongoing, strong lifestyle and wellness programs.  According with CEO of ICAA, “the key going forward is to ensure that these programs and environments will actually meet the expectations of this experienced consumer group.”.