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About the Organisation: 

Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) is a globally attractive knowledge community within applied IT and innovation for sustainable growth. At BTH education and research are of a very high international standard and learning is the focal point for students, teachers and researchers alike. At BTH there is research ranging from engineering and mathematics to spatial planning, the humanities, business administration and health. BTH is a recognized university under government control. It is the most distinctly profiled higher education institution in Sweden, with a clear focus on applied information technology and innovation for sustainable growth. BTH cooperates with many regional, national and international actors in this field, and supports the Regional Government’s efforts in completing its Regional Development Strategy. BTH is ranked as the third best university in Europe in sustainable development. BTH has been involved in interdisciplinary research and development concerning the use of ICTs in the public sector since 1991, based on a strong tradition of user participation in the design and development of IT.

The Organisation and Innovage project: 

At BTH we together with international, national, regional and local organizations and companies run a big number of projects in the area of Health, E-Health, senior housing, smart homes and Sustainability. The wide competence and experience at the university in ICT, health care, spatial planning, sustainable development and distance learning, and its broad network with private and public organisations make it advantageous to be a part of INNOVAge. Blekinge region is an IT county of great importance, with a regional network, TelecomCity. TelecomCity located in Karlskrona, is what would be referred to as a ”hot spot” within the IT and telecom industry.