Fundación Intras

Santa Lucía, 19, 1
47005 Valladolid
Castilla y León
+ 34 983 399633

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Henar Conde
Head of European Projects Department
+ 34 983 399633/ +34 983 217565
About the Organisation: 

INTRAS standing for Research and Treatment in Mental Health aims to improve the quality of life of people suffering from mental disorders and the elderly. It is composed of 8 centres and over 100 professionals from psychiatric, psychological, social and economic fields who combine research, training and healthcare. INTRAS is managing different services of the Regional Health Service of Castilla-León such as intermediate health services (Day Care Centre, Residential Centre, Psycho-rehabilitation Centre, Labour Rehabilitation Centre) and social services (Supervised Flats, Labour Workshops). INTRAS' approach to Active Ageing, Independent living and to the social-health care of elderly people is cross-disciplinary, holistic and covering a wide range of activities including Neuro-Psychological diagnosis, treatment, intervention, research, technological development, innovation, networking, etc.

INTRAS is a reference in the field of geriatric treatment through cross-disciplinary programs that combine health and social interventions, promoting cognitive rehabilitation from a clinical standpoint and social integration of the elderly from a psychosocial perspective. Through its R&D&I area, INTRAS promotes the development and validation of new technologies to be applied in the field of neuropsychological rehabilitation in order to provide high quality socio-health assistance for older people with Alzheimer and other dementia. GRADIOR® software has been developed by INTRAS for rehabilitation of cognitive functions such as attention, memory, perception, orientation, calculus, etc. It is also useful in the intervention with people with schizophrenia, cerebral paralysis, mental disability and brain injury. Every day, 1700 users develop cognitive stimulation exercises thanks to the 200 GRADIOR® licenses and its spin-off products that are running in more than 400 care centres in Spain.

Furthermore, INTRAS is an active member of relevant European networks in the field such as INTERDEM (Early Detection & Timely Intervention in Dementia), the IAGG (International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics), MHE (Mental Health Europe) and EPR (European Platform for Rehabilitation).

The Organisation and Innovage project: 

INTRAS participates in INNOVAge project as a technical partner working closely with the Castilla y León Regional Government to bring together to the consortium knowledge and lessons learned in related past projects in R&D and assistance in the field of ageing, and benefit from experiences coming from more expert EU partners in clustering. Through its permanent cooperation with the Regional Government, delivering services for elderly people and creating models of practice, the INNOVAge project will enable INTRAS to focus on developing the link between planning for independent living of the elderly and new technologies, and in particular the integration of eco-innovation in ITC applications for the elderly.

Since INTRAS plays a major role in regional projects related to new technologies development and application to the elderly, it will assist with identifying, interviewing and motivating relevant stakeholders for the cluster development, analyzing tendencies of business development in the sector and strategic segmentation of the potential cluster, as well as elaborating the action plan, together the Regional Government of Social Services, for reinforcing the competitiveness of the cluster in the long term.