Geroskipou Municipality

Geroskipou Square P.O Box 63015, 8210
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Kostas Anastasiades
Administrative Officer
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About the Organisation: 

Geroskipou is situated in the District of Pafos, it extents to an area of 12sq km and it has a population of more than seven thousand people. The Geroskipou Municipality was founded in 1994 and it has been developing rapidly ever since.

The traditional centre of Geroskipou is located about four km east from the city of Pafos. Geroskipou has an excellent road network since one can find the motorway connecting Pafos with the other Cypriot cities in the North limits of Geroskipou whereas only 10 km away from Geroskipou there is International Airport of Pafos.

During antiquity Geroskipou was a part of the broader space of adoring Pafian Aphrodite, as an extension of the Goddess great temple in Palepafos.The renown «Wholly Gardens » were located in this area , a name preserved until today in the name of Geroskipou (Ierokipia). According to the ancient Greek geographer Strabo , the procession of believers passed from these gardens in their destination to Palepafos, with the opportunity of holding the Aphrodisia, the annual festivity in honour of the Goddess.

The greatest monument is the Byzantine temple of Agia Paraskevi (9th century), an arched three –aisled basilica that is roofed by five domes. The murals that decorate the interior of the church are part of the most important Byzantine wall paintings of Cyprus. What is also of significant importance is a sculpted sanctuary of Apollo Ylates, unique in its kind in Cyprus that is dated at least from the 5th century B.C. The monumental House of Hadjismith that is an exquisite specimen of traditional architecture, houses since 1978 the Folk Art Museum. In the house there are exhibitions of a great collection of items relating to the everyday life, various activities, professions, as well as various expressions of folk art in 19th century and early 20th century Cyprus.

The Organisation and Innovage project: 

Geroskipou Municipality is participating in INNOVAGE project as a learner partner, willing to learn how other experienced partners work in the field of the eco-independent living for the elderly and thus implement some of the best good practices in our region.