Junta de Castilla y León

Gerencia de Servicios Sociales
Padre Francisco Suárez, nº 2
Castilla y León
+34 983 414900

Contact Details

Carmen Vázquez Pino
Section manager
+34 983 41 22 69
About the Organisation: 

The Management of Social Services was created by Law 2/1995, on 6th April, as an autonomous administrative organization attached to the Department of Family and Gender Equality. Competencies that correspond to the social services of Castile and León, as reflected in Law 16/2010, 20th December, are highlighted by the following:

Adoption of measures for the implementation of the policy of social services; regional planning; creation, organization, maintenance, direction and management of programs, services, facilities and resources; development and implementation of regional planning; promotion, social awareness and dissemination of social services and promoting the participation of citizens in relation to the social services of the associations, volunteering and other forms of mutual aid; Governing organizations of the management of social services, including:

  • Board of Directors
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Social Services Manager 


The Management of Social Services develop active ageing programmes either directly or in collaboration with other public and private entities (local authorities and universities and associative networks of older people, respectively). Actions that integrate these programmes are framed in the following areas:

a) Promotion of the healthy habits. Activities for the physical and psychological well-being of older persons.

b) Skills for everyday life. Skills for independent life, care and self-care skills defence of rights and assumption of responsibilities.

c) Relationship with the environment. Promotion of participation, volunteering and awareness

d)Art, culture, entertainment and news. Knowledge and skills acquisition in the field of the arts, traditions, cultural spaces and current issues.

The Organisation and Innovage project: 

One of the most important objectives is the promotion of personal autonomy and preventing over-dependence on others. In relation to the elderly, this objective focuses on actions relating to ageing and dependency care. The INNOVAge project helps to promote an autonomous and independent life for older people. Actions intended to launch during the period of this project’s operation complement the policies that are being implemented in this field. Technologies for independent living have been applied essentially to residential centres. Telecare’s extensive introduction service stands out in the homes. Experience shows that this is a field which requires the collaboration between a wide range of companies and organisations. Currently, existing organizations whose work may progress to provide tools for an independent life of older persons in this Region collaborate together and undertake joint projects. The knowledge regarding the work in regions with experience in this field can be useful.