Marche Regional Authority

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Marche Region
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Mrs Anna Torelli
Public Officer - Research and Innovation Unit
+39 (0)71 806.3602
About the Organisation: 

Marche Region is one the most important European region for industrial vocation. It is the territory of the “Made in Italy” manufactory and the region with the mayor number of employers in the high-tech sector. It's imperative to give the priority to the technological innovation as strategic factor related to the competitiveness of companies in order to help the older individuals to improve their quality of life. The Unit involved in INNOVAGE project is the Industry, Handcraft, Education, Training and Labour Department.

It is supported by SVIM – Sviluppo Marche SpA, the Regional Development Agency of Marche Region that, since 1999, has provided a crucial link between the needs of territory and Government policies in a bottom up approach, in compliance with regional guidelines for the improvement and support of the regional productive structure and through a core strategy focused on European and International projects working in synergy with all the local actors operating within the territory (enterprises, universities, research centers, etc).

The Organisation and Innovage project: 

Marche Region participates in INNOVAge project as coordinator, working closely with SVIM to bring together to the consortium, knowledge and lessons learned in related past projects in R&D and assistance in the field of ageing, and benefit from experiences coming from expert EU partners in clustering. Through its cooperation with SVIM, the INNOVAge project will enable Marche Region to focus on developing the link between planning for independent living of the elderly and new technologies, and in particular the integration of eco-innovation in ITC applications for the elderly. It is involved in the almost of project activities, supporting regional public and private entities and contributes to the success of coordinating high quality project agenda. It plays an important role in improving the coordination of all stakeholders in this field boosting the inter-sectorial collaboration. In particular, it takes part to the management, reporting and monitoring activities.