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About the Organisation: 

MEDIC@LPS is a major player of the international economic development of the health industry:

  • Gather and represent public and private actors of


   -medical technology and services for healthcare

   -well being and autonomy

  • Animate the community to design and spread information, and integrate its members in local, and international dynamics
  • Support companies in the medtech/biotech ecosystem through their different development steps to ACCESS MARKETS (Regulatory, living lab (healthcare/patient), specific international dev, European project/collaboration, networking/cross fertilization
  • Promote and develop the technological offer and the attractiveness of our territory toward exogenous companies or research entities

MEDIC@LPS employs five people and has 66 members in 2012. MEDIC@LPS has four main activities:

  • Communication: determination to develop a “common label” for a site that is unique through its potential for research and innovation, and through its technological, industrial and clinical environment;
  • International development: provide specific assistance to companies that want to develop and establish operations in international markets;
  • Collaborative projects: promote and support the participation of companies in multi-partner projects, in particular, of European scope;
  • Enhancement of the value of technological platforms: facilitate their use by companies; facilitate the development of companies through links with the platforms.
The Organisation and Innovage project: 

MEDIC@LPS manages the e-Care Living Lab, labellized by ENOLL (European Network of Living Lab) in April 2010.

MEDIC@LPS with the e-Care Living Lab methodology, a user-driven innovation process, will bring this innovative methodology to the INNOVAge project. It is perfectly in accordance with the view that the research must be driven by the users’ needs so that the end-users must be integrated in the research and development process.

By participating to the INNOVAge project, MEDIC@LPS reinforces its local policy which already exists in the field of eco-independent living of the elderly people by the experience exchange and contributes to identify best practices to be implemented in all partners regions and to involve all the innovation stakeholders by our position of unifier.