Region of Central Macedonia

198 Vas.Olgas Avenue
Central Macedonia
+302313319 693

Contact Details

Apostolos Gianstis
Head of the General Directorate of Development Planning, Environment and Development Planning.
About the Organisation: 

Region of Central Macedonia (RCM) is the largest region in Greece and its capital, Thessaloniki, is the second largest city in Greece in terms of population. The region has a population of 1,875,000 inhabitants, representing 17 percent of the country’s population and produces 17 percent of the GDP (second higher contribution after 37,7% of the region of Attica).

In administrative terms the Region of Central Macedonia is a public authority at the second degree of local government, operating at regional level. It is comprised of seven regional units (former “prefectures”): Imathia, Thessaloniki, Pella, Kilkis, Pieria, Serres and Chalkidiki. Its regional administration is structured at central and regional level. According to its structure all the relative Regional Units organizationally belong to the central administration which is seated in Thessaloniki.

Regions according to the Law 3852/2010 “New Architecture of the Self-Government and Decentralized Administration – Kallikratis Programme” design, plan and implement policies at regional level in the context of their jurisdiction, according to the principles of sustainable development and social inclusion of the country and in line with national and European policies

The Central Administration of the Region of Central Macedonia is structured as follows:

a. Office of the Governor of the Region

b. Office of the Deputy-Governors of the Region

c. Directorate General of Development Planning, Environment and Infrastructures

d. Directorate General of Internal Operations

e. Directorate General of Regional Agricultural Economy and Veterinary

f. Directorate General of Development

g. Directorate General of Transport and Communications

h. General Directorate of Public Health and Social Welfare.

The Organisation and Innovage project: 

The Directorate of Social Welfare is the most relevant organization of RCM for INNOVAge project. It implements policy related to the social welfare issues for the benefit of elderly people, disabled people and vulnerable groups. RCM is quite active and experienced in the themes tackled by the INNOVAge project, especially in active ageing, as evident from previous EU and regional projects.

RCM faces significant challenges regarding its ageing population. Senior citizens represent a high percentage (almost 18%) of the total RCM population. Therefore projects promoting active ageing like INNOVAge project are more than imperative.

RCM has the power and know-how/expertise to implement project activities in its territory, introduce and exchange with the other project partners relevant good practices, involve local/regional stakeholders and increase public awareness, mainstream project outcomes and results in the ROP of its territory, and develop a proper implementation plan after the project closure.