Regional Development Agency of South Bohemia RERA

Czech Republic
B. Němcové 49/3
České Budějovice
NUTS Level 2 Jihozápad
+420 386 720 858

Contact Details

Jiří Vlach
+420 386 720 858
About the Organisation: 

RERA began operating in 1999 with the objective to support economic, social and cultural development of South Bohemian Region. Since its foundation, RERA has been systematically strengthening the position in the preparation and implementation of EU projects, becoming the center providing specialized services to local/regional government, non-profit organizations as well as the entrepreneurial sector. Experience gained enables a successful implementation of more and more international projects.

The agency utilizes a professional team providing a broad portfolio of supporting services that are primarily adjusted to the specific conditions of the South Bohemian Region. RERA especially focuses on:

  • administration of the EU and the Czech national grants;
  • elaboration of own projects proposals and participation in the EU programmes (Cross Boarder Cooperation Czech Republic – Austria, Central Europe – InoPlaCe, INTERREG IIIA, IIIC – MATEO, IVC – Innovation 4 Welfare, INNOVAGE) and in the European Commission programmes (EDII – SEE Platform);
  • consultancy on projects preparation and implementation;
  • ensuring the activities of Small Projects Fund under the Programme of Cross Boarder Cooperation Czech Republic – Austria;
  • elaboration of strategic documents (strategic plans for cities, micro-regions, municipalities; different thematic development strategies – e.g. regional innovation strategy);
  • entrepreneurial and innovation support;
  • elaboration of Feasibility Studies and Cost Benefit Analysis.
The Organisation and Innovage project: 

In the INNOVAGE project, RERA builds on experience in the Innovation 4 Welfare project focused on issues like services and products for elderly people, accessibility, mobility and smart homes, medical and home care systems, safety and security.

RERA participates in INNOVAGE project as a partner, member of so-called Learning Group. It means that RERA will “learn” from the partners within the so-called Mentoring Group. It is the partners from developed countries which are experienced in the issues the project deals with, and they should share their experience, examples of good practices with the partners from less developed (less innovative) countries.

RERA should participate in particular project activities such as:

  • participation in meetings (steering groups, workshops, study visits, interregional training sessions);
  • participation in dissemination of the project;
  • establishment of Innovation Hub network;
  • identification of good practices;
  • implementation of pilot action.