Rzeszow Regional Development Agency

Szopena 51
+48 17 86 76 200

Contact Details

Danuta Kandefer
+48 17 867 62 16/+48 85 20 611
About the Organisation: 

The Rzeszow Regional Development Agency (RARR SA) was established in 1993 and is one of the most important institutions that facilitate social and economical development within region. RRDA is a public institution directly dependent on the Local Government of Podkarpackie Voivodeship. It was established in order to support regional development, promote entrepreneurship, innovations, social and economic development and employment activities. RRDA actively takes part in the elaboration, creation and updating regional development strategies which are implemented and released as The Development Strategy of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Action Strategy of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, and the Promotion Strategy of the Voivodeship. The Agency participates also in creating policy and strategies in the field of regional cities and municipalities’ development. One of the most important tasks of RRDA is the creation of the policies and strategies and at the same time implements it in the Podkarpackie Region.

The primary aim: multi-dimensional development Podkarpackie Region. The Agency employs a team of high-qualified experts in the fields of law, economics, sociology, finance, architecture and civil engineering(140 employees),who are dynamic, open-minded and ready to serve local enterprises, government, investors, as well as scientists and all those who contribute to the development of the region. Their profiles match with skills needed to implement INNOVAge project. The specialists cooperate within the framework of highly specialized departments, for the effective realization of various tasks. We have many years experience in implementing aid programmes, as well as realization of UE projects and therefore we would like to take advantage of our know-how in the process of fostering innovation and support the development of new governance policy within the region. Thanks to the close link that we have with regional Government we are able to directly involve policymakers and decision makers in INNOVAge activities and to include main INNOVAge results in next regional strategy.

The Organisation and Innovage project: 

INNOVAge training, wanting to learn, with participation in meetings (steering groups, workshops, study visits, interregional training sessions), the other partners who have extensive experience in the field of eco-independent living for older people to be able to implement some of the top best practices in our region.