Sofia Municipality

33 Moskovska Str., 1000
Yugozapaden Region, Bulgaria
+ 00 359 293 77 286

Contact Details

Mrs. Nadia Nikolova
+ 00 359 293 77 286 / + 00 359 29871388
About the Organisation: 

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria and the biggest political, administrative and cultural centre in the country, with a current population of 1,8 mln. inhabitants. Changes in the age structure of the population in the agglomeration areas are observed at the background of the general ageing of the population of the country. Sofia Municipality is an administrative unit with a status of a region and divided into 24 districts, administered by Local Mayors. The main activities include, among others, boosting innovation and environmental sustainability and delivering healthcare services for the citizens of Sofia.
The competence of Sofia Municipal Council is to adopt strategies, programmes and plans on the local issues to promote growth and job in the field of INNOVAge related focus, based on partnerships with the central government and NGOs to improve delivery and effective targeting for social services to city residents, particularly the handicapped and the elderly.

The Organisation and Innovage project: 

By participating in the project Sofia expects to learn from partners about good practices on eco-independent living of the elderly people and we would like to exchange experiences. In particular, Sofia gains directly knowledge of mentoring partner organization and cluster (participating to study visit) and enhances skills of its decision makers and policymakers attending to interregional training sessions.
Sofia Municipality will share INNOVAge outputs within the network it’s partner of: LRN, – a network about the Lisbon strategy, Eurocities, AIMF, Metropolis, ICLEI, Euroregions, CoNet and Opencities(URBACT II Programme).